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I just came across the graphic above, which is a nice way to visualize the results of the 2011 Wedding Survey by The Knot and The Wedding Channel. Survey says.....the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is over $27,000!

I personally feel you can have a stylish, modern, and special wedding for much less than this, and I see several areas where you could cut costs easily.

What do you think? How does this compare to your budget? Too high or too low?


05/16/2012 3:11pm

TOO high! I'm spending about $12,000, which is still a whole lot of $$ for us...

05/16/2012 3:13pm

Hopefully too high

05/16/2012 3:34pm

My fiancé and I have our food, ceremony and reception at $5000.
Photographer $1200 -- including an engagement session.
Invitations at Michaels $20!
Dress budget $500
We are trying to keep it under $10,000 including the honeymoon.
It's hard, but doable. Wish weddings weren't so expensive!

05/16/2012 3:54pm

We're planning on spending $7k, with a little help from our parents. I would much rather save the rest of our money for a down payment on a house

05/17/2012 3:10pm

WAY TOO HIGH!!! I'm sorry but I'd rather spend that extra money towards our future for something that will last forever. Such a house or a savings account! I think it's crazy how people spend that much money for ONE day! I mean after all , the day is about your love and you as a couple and nowadays so many people over spend on the things that aren't anything that people will remember.


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