These nostalgic table numbers are an easy project that add a cute and personal touch to your reception tables. Of course, I may be biased since these were from my wedding!

The idea is to have pictures of both you and your fiance growing up on your table numbers. We chose to have our tables named after a year and then placed pictures of each of us in that year. It was so much fun going through old photos with our families and it was a huge hit with guests at the wedding!

Here is what you'll need:
- A picture frame with three openings (Dollar Tree- $1.00)
- Copies of old photos (Use one of the free photo deals posted earlier- just pay shipping)
- Cardstock to print your table numbers on (Pick up inexpensive or free cardstock whenever it is offered at one of the office supply stores)
Total Cost: $1- $1.25 per table!

The instructions are pretty self-explanatory. Find your favorite old pics, scan them, and use one of the free photo deals to order prints. Then print your table numbers on the cardstock and cut to fit the frame. You could definitely get creative with how you display the table numbers to go with your overall wedding vision.

I think this idea is a sweet way to bring in childhood memories to your big day. It was so fun to see guests go from table to table to check out all the photos (great for mingling!) and to hear the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles remembering those times.


05/31/2011 10:46am

So cute!

07/22/2011 5:21am

Adorable! This is such a fun idea!!!

Sally Greiner
07/22/2011 5:47am

Love this idea!! Did you give these away to guests afterwards?

07/22/2011 6:23am

Thanks, ladies!

Sally- we actually saved the pictures and made a photo album with them afterwards for us, but you could definitely give them to guests!


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