Oooh, do I have a deal for you, ladies! You know that free $20 gift card at My Publisher? Well, it is still available for new customers- just sign up here and use it within 30 days. You can use it for anything you darn well please, from photo books to photo cards. But if you are looking for an especially brag-worthy deal, combine your gift card with the introductory prices of My Publisher's new mini photo books!

The 3.5" x 2.75" photo books are only $2.49 each right now, so you could get eight FREE with your gift card. And shipping is cheap- just $.99 for the first one and a dime for each book after that- which means all eight copies shipped for just $1.69!

The photo books are small, but I think they would be really cute as a thank you gifts to your bridesmaids. Fill them with your favorite memories and then tuck the book into a cosmetic bag or clutch. And I imagine these also would be a big hit among the flower girls and ring bearers or as a fun gift to the grandparents too.  Plus the size makes them super easy to make- I just made one in 7 minutes, which is about four days less than a regular photo book takes me.  I am definitely loving this deal!


03/08/2011 10:17am

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

03/08/2011 10:18am

This is an amazing deal! I'm new to My Publisher...anyone ever ordered from this company before?

03/08/2011 10:47am

Awesome deal! Thanks!

03/08/2011 11:03am

I've used My Publisher for regular photo books, and I was really happy with the final result. Will order from them again.

03/08/2011 1:56pm

Thanks for another great deal!

03/08/2011 4:51pm

Thanks Belles for another great deal! I'm going to check it out now :)


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